The College Rankings Racket

“It’s not that these aren’t great universities. But c’mon. Can you really say with any precision that Princeton is “better” than Columbia? That the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (No. 6) is better than the California Institute of Technology (No. 10)?  That Tufts (No. 28) is better than Brandeis (No. 33)?”

Read more about rankings from Joe Nocera at The New York Times, here.


The Three Biggest Lies in College Admission

Steve Cohen via Forbes provides some excellent insight into three common misperceptions in college admissions. They are:

  • Standardized test (SAT and ACT) scores are less and less important.
  • Asking for financial aid won’t have an impact on the admission decision; and
  • There is a level playing field in college admissions.

Read Steve’s full article here.

Tip Sheet – From Admissions Officers

Whether students are applying to a small, private college or a large, public university, there are some universal missteps that college applicants make year after year, much to the dismay of the institution’s gatekeepers who decide whether the student should be admitted.

Tips Include:

Start Early
College “Fit” Goes Both Ways
Do Your Research
We’re Interested in Who You Really Are
Mind the Deadline
Keep in Touch
Parents Need Not Apply
Choose Wisely

Detailed tips and full article from The Choice here.

Checklists for International Students

Juniors: College Checklist for September

Beyond balancing the increased academic expectations of junior year with extracurricular leadership, it’s hard not to notice that your senior friends are immersed in college applications. You may be wondering what your college list will look like this time next year. With months on your side, you’ll be well prepared a year from now. Continue reading here….

Seniors: College Checklist for September

Senior year should be a meaningful, culminating experience that holds many fond memories for years to come. With good forethought and planning in September, the college selection process can become not only a manageable part of that experience but also a time of self-discovery that prepares you for the exciting opportunity that the college years can and should represent. Continue reading here….