Gap Year: The Growing Appeal of Not Going Right to College

Thinking about taking a year of between high school and college? You’re not alone! Gap years are becoming increasingly popular, and accepted as viable post-high school options by colleges and universities nationwide. Read more about taking a gap year here.


October Checklist: Juniors

If the warm, bright start of your academic year has chilled and faded into a drudgery of routines and deadlines, sapping the enthusiasm and excitement you felt at the beginning of the year, then find ways to combat your flagging motivation and develop strategies to maximize your performance.

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October Checklist: Seniors

October’s many demands can leave even the most responsible applicant feeling lost in the wilderness. With careful planning, organization and focus on the tasks of your senior fall, however, you will find yourself taking significant and deliberate strides forward. Along the way, don’t forget to enjoy the season by breathing deeply, thinking about your future self and staying confident that people are eager to guide and to walk alongside you. Remember, an ideal college process will not focus simply on getting in, but is part of a larger planning exercise leading to ideal fall days and beyond.

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