Inside the Admissons Process

Seth Allen, dean of admission and financial aid at Grinnell College, answers questions from a TODAY producer about what really goes on when admissions officers decide applicants’ fate in this video/article. I am not surprised that a good deal of my own experience and knowledge is mirrored and supported in Mr. Allen’s commentary. A helpful read.


High School Junior January-June Checklist

Spring of Junior year is a crucial time. Getting started on the application and admissions process now is a must-do. Check out this January-June checklist from Marjorie Hansen Schaevitz’s HuffPost blog for a more in depth look at what you should be doing now and over the next five months.

Legacy Admissions

We know that legacy status (at least at elite schools) matter, but how much does and what role does it really play in college admissions? A Harvard study (2011) finds that while legacy status might give students a leg up on the competition, that does not mean that they will receive an acceptance letter because of it, regardless of how they perform academically.

Read the full article here.

High School Senior January-June Checklist

“For some seniors, all of the applications are done and gone….For others, there are some left to complete. Either way, after you send in your final applications, there are a few more things to do to make sure you get into a college that’s right for you.”

Read what Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz has to say about what to do during the months of January through June in her HuffPost College Blog post found here.