Legacy Admissions

We know that legacy status (at least at elite schools) matter, but how much does and what role does it really play in college admissions? A Harvard study (2011) finds that while legacy status might give students a leg up on the competition, that does not mean that they will receive an acceptance letter because of it, regardless of how they perform academically.

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The Three Biggest Lies in College Admission

Steve Cohen via Forbes provides some excellent insight into three common misperceptions in college admissions. They are:

  • Standardized test (SAT and ACT) scores are less and less important.
  • Asking for financial aid won’t have an impact on the admission decision; and
  • There is a level playing field in college admissions.

Read Steve’s full article here.

More From the Numbers Game.

Shame on you Bloomberg – what a misleading title this article has! Yes, apps slowed – but only in comparison to the increases that took place over the last two years for the small number of schools mentioned. And impossible odds for admission? Just not true.  Take a look though if you are interested in numbers from some of the country’s top schools.

New (Somewhat) College Recruitment Techniques

How did the schools on your list get your attention? Was it their superior academic reputation, hallmark sports team, focus on the arts? Or was it something else – perhaps the schools Facebook page, compelling YouTube videos, or helpful Tweets?

If you haven’t already, read this US News article on the top five “new” (ok….we know most of these aren’t THAT new) ways colleges are reaching out to prospective students.