Race as Factor in Admissions Back in Court

Almost ten years ago the Supreme Court ruled on a decision that allowed colleges and universities to consider race as a factor in admissions decisions, noting they expected this decision to be upheld for approximately 25 years. Well, the issue is making headlines again as it is again being debated, this time in Texas, not Michigan. There isn’t a news media outlet that isn’t covering this, and you can find some good articles here, here, here, and here from Inside Higher Ed.

I will update this post and or re-post on this topic as more unfolds. This could be a MAJOR game changer in college and university admissions, affecting hundreds of thousands of students from not only the United States but around the world. This is big.


How to Pick a College Admissions Consultant.

I tend to agree with what is presented here. I think when you meet for the first time you will either say, “this is someone I can work with”….or not. Don’t ever feel pressured into making the decision on the spot, either – any quality consultant will give you time to get to know them and their work/work style (within reason) and let you decide when it is right for you – no pressure! Professional memberships are also a strong indicator of someone with reputable experience.