Gap Year: The Growing Appeal of Not Going Right to College

Thinking about taking a year of between high school and college? You’re not alone! Gap years are becoming increasingly popular, and accepted as viable post-high school options by colleges and universities nationwide. Read more about taking a gap year here.


More Application Mistakes Worth Avoiding

Part two of tips provided by Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz via HuffPost can be found here. All very important to avoid worth keeping in mind as you begin working on those college applications!

The Good of a Gap Year

Not gonna lie – I am a huge fan of the gap year! Though I didn’t take one myself, I find it to be a very worthwhile endeavor for many students. When a gap year is well-planned and executed, not only can it serve as an awesome learning experience – but one that will greatly enhance students entire postsecondary career. Read more in a recent AP article, here.